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Law Bulletin - June 2006

Work Equipment Cases [Liability]

This case was described at length at the top of the November 2005 Law Bulletin and in our recent Work Equipment Education paper.

Hammond and what is work equipment and who is liable? [Liability]

The claimant was employed by the first defendant as a maintenance fitter.

Manual Handling [Liability]

Here are two opposite decisions on emergency lifting techniques in nursing.

Court of Appeal apportion between employer and occupier [Liability]

The claimant, employed by the first defendant, was delivering radiators to a building site owned by the second defendant.

Court of Appeal refuse permission to appeal successful assault judgement [Liability]

In the April 2006 Law Bulletin we mentioned our successful case of Paterson -v- Tees and North East Yorkshire NHS Trust. The claimant had been assaulted by a patient in a psychiatric unit.

Psychiatric injury and the police [Liability]

Five police officers brought claims for psychiatric injuries they had suffered as a result of a fatal shooting. They had all witnessed the shooting.

Insurer avoids liability to passenger [Practice and Procedure]

Insurers sought to avoid liability in a case where a car passenger was in a vehicle that had been unlawfully taken. Section 151 of the Road Traffic Act 1988 requires insurers to satisfy judgments obtained against drivers arising out of a use of motor vehicle where the judgement related to a liability, which was required to be covered by a policy of insurance.

Award for injury to feelings in bullying case [Damages]

A manager of a company and the company itself were held liable for injury to feelings suffered by the claimant who alleged that she was discriminated against during her employment.