Client attacked by bouncer recovers damages

While this case was settled rather than proceeding to a judgment, it is worth mentioning for the benefit of others who might be pursuing claims for assaults by club bouncers.

The claimant had been out drinking to celebrate her brother’s birthday at a pub in Durham. She went to the toilet and when she came out her brother and two friends were outside arguing with bouncers who were very aggressive and who started to hit them. One of the bouncers turned on our client. She had her hands up and was backing away from him when he punched her in the face. She was knocked to the ground and suffered multiple fractures to the cheek bone and the side of her face, bruising and shock and a ruptured eardrum, which fortunately recovered. There was very clear CCTV evidence showing the assault.

A police prosecution was dropped against the bouncer because the video evidence was lost at trial. However, the civil claim succeeded with the owners of the pub eventually offering £15,000.