A steel fixer foreman who was severely injured after being catapulted from a dumper truck he was driving has been awarded compensation. William Arthur, 63, of South Shields, Tyne & Wear, was supported with his claim by Thompsons Solicitors.

On the 9th of August 2004, Mr Arthur was driving a dumper truck whilst working for construction company Clancy Docwra at St Marys School in Horsforth, Leeds. As he drove the truck across the site, a front wheel became suddenly caught in a pothole and Mr Arthur was thrown from his seat several metres from the truck and onto the ground.

Severe Injuries to Elbow, Shoulder and Wrist

As well as sustaining severe injuries to his left elbow, shoulder and wrist, Mr Arthur also suffered post traumatic stress disorder because the injuries presented him with difficulties both at work and home.

Commenting, Mr Arthur said: “At the time of the accident I was wearing my hard hat, steel toe capped shoes and gloves. The front left wheel of the truck hit the pothole and I was thrown into the air and I landed on my left side.

“Although I underwent an operation, the fractures to my elbow and wrist caused me no end of problems. Not only was I in a lot of pain and discomfort over a long period, but even now I can’t do everyday things and have to get a lot of help from my family and friends.”

Mr Arthur’s representative at Thompsons Solicitors, Jill Moore, said: “Mr Arthur’s employer failed to make sure that the site was safe for vehicles to be driven and also failed to make sure that the dumper truck was maintained and in good working order. The seatbelt was not working properly. If it had, Mr Arthur’s injuries may not have been as severe.”

This news story was also published by The Shields Gazette.