A fork lift truck driver from Northumberland who had to have a year off work, undergo surgery for a shoulder injury and is now registered as 20 per cent disabled following a fall at work has been awarded £25,000 compensation from his employers.

The accident happened after a frozen tote tank brought indoors left melting ice on a walkway the 62-year-old was using.

The driver slipped on the melting ice, landed hard on his left side and damaged his shoulder.

MRI scan revealed permanent damage to the rotator cuff ligaments

Initially, he wasn’t aware of the severity of his accident, but an MRI scan revealed permanent damage to the rotator cuff ligaments on his left shoulder.

An operation five months after the accident improved his symptoms but he has been left with long term limitations.

He said: “The pain of the injury was excruciating and when I was first told that the damage was irreparable, I was devastated but luckily surgery has limited some of the symptoms.

“I was off work for a whole year and even now, despite being back at work, I have to avoid heavy duties. I’m not as active in my personal life either and as I will never fully recover from the shoulder injury, I can’t see how I’ll be able to live my life in the same way.”

“An accident that could have been so easily avoided has been both upsetting and hugely disruptive for me and my family.”

Solicitor from Thompsons represented the fork lift truck driver

Trevor Hall, a solicitor from Thompsons who represented the fork lift truck driver, said: “There are simple regulations in place that, had they been followed by the employers, an injury that will have a lasting effect on my client could have been avoided.

“The tote tank should never have been brought indoors especially covered in ice, it was a clear health and safety hazard.”