A 49-year-old woman from Trimdon Grange in County Durham has received substantial damages from her former employer after she wrenched her shoulder whilst lifting heavy boxes at work.

The woman was represented by Thompsons Solicitors. She succeeded in her claim after she sustained painful and ongoing injuries when asked by her bosses at Thorn Lighting in Spennymoor, County Durham to lift heavy technical manuals which were packed into boxes, as the company prepared to move offices.

“The injury has had quite a substantial impact on my life,” she said. “I can no longer complete everyday tasks such as gardening or ironing because I am in too much pain. My doctor says the only cure is an operation, but I can’t afford the time off work. Three years on, it’s still a real problem.”

Dangers of lifting heavy objects

Janice Hook from Thompsons was pleased that Thorn Lighting chose to settle out of court, but pointed to the dangers of employees being asked to lift heavy objects in the workplace without being shown how to handle them properly.

“Companies should undertake appropriate risk assessments and not place employees in danger by asking them to undertake jobs for which they are not trained,” she said. “The compensation is a reasonable settlement for the injury and continued symptoms experienced by our client.”