In this week’s case, our client, an HGV driver, was injured delivering stock to a store. The stock was large, heavy and incompatible with the pallet truck he had been given.

Despite the pallet truck’s limitations, he had tried his best to move the stock into the store, but was injured doing so.

Our client’s employer denied responsibility for his injuries. They also sought to blame him - saying he had failed to follow training – before going on to tell the Court that he was being dishonest.

With the support of his Union, Unite, we took the case to trial, where the Judge held that the employer had failed to provide our client with adequate instruction, and also noted a previous incident where another HGV driver had been similarly injured. The Judge specifically found our client to be honest and awarded him compensation.

Speaking after the case, Rachel Leach from Thompsons’ Liverpool Office said: “It is bad enough for an employer to deny responsibility for injuries caused in such circumstances, but it is even worse when they go on to attack their employee’s credibility. Our client showed immense courage in standing up to his employer, and the Judge left them in no doubt about their fundamental duties to its employees.”