In this week’s case, our client was injured after slipping at work. There was nothing to warn her the floor was wet or slippery, and she had no reason to think it would be.

The employer denied it was responsible even though (as our client suspected) the cleaner admitted having used hand gel to clean the floor, making it particularly slippery.

Two managers at the workplace gave evidence that they had not heard our client fall and had seen no evidence the floor was wet or slippery. However, further investigation and questioning revealed neither were in the premises when our client fell and the accident immediately preceded the Easter weekend – meaning the managers did not see the floor until five days after the accident, when it would be expected to have dried.

The Judge found the employer had breached their duty of care to our client and awarded her compensation.

Commenting on the case, Rachel Leach from Thompsons’ Liverpool Office said: “If the cleaning staff had used the correct cleaning products, this accident would never have happened. The employer should have ensured cleaning staff had access to sufficient and appropriate cleaning products for the job they had to do. Sadly, despite the glaring fault by the employer, our client had to fight her claim all the way to trial to get a fair decision."