Car manufacturing giant Aston Martin has been brought to book after a workshop engineer employed at its site in Banbury contracted occupational dermatitis from working with toxic glue.

The engineer from Coventry worked at Aston Martin where his main duties were repairing car batteries, pneumatic tools and hydraulic car parts.

He had been working in the repair workshop for two years when he first began to experience swelling to his eyes and itchy skin on his face and arms after being exposed to toxic glue and epoxy resin while repairing car parts.

He was advised by Aston Martin’s occupational health team to visit a doctor, and on seeking medical advice he was prescribed with a steroid cream to treat his symptoms of occupational dermatitis. However, his health problems continued to deteriorate to the point that he needed to take time off work as his eyes became so sore that his sight was affected. As a result, he was given more duties away from the workshop area.

The engineer’s occupational dermatitis persisted so he contacted industrial disease specialists Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim for compensation.

He said: “The protective equipment I was given at work clearly wasn’t enough to stop the onset of occupational dermatitis, and what’s worse is that my employer then tried to fire me when I sought legal advice about my situation.

“My condition now affects me most days and I cannot even touch things like cardboard without swelling and coming out in a rash. I also can’t use certain paints and other DIY products because they contain the same type of chemicals I worked with. For an active man who used to enjoy DIY around the home, my condition is both upsetting and frustrating.”

John Mullen, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “It’s appalling that a global brand like Aston Martin did not have adequate protective equipment in place to prevent its staff from harm when working with known hazardous chemicals. The unfortunate reality is that my client must spend the rest of his life living with a skin condition that affects his wellbeing all because his employer failed to comply with workplace health and safety standards.

“He is not the only worker affected by Aston Martin’s negligence, Thompsons Solicitors has worked with a number of employees suffering with exactly the same symptoms. We would encourage any individual affected by their work at the Aston Martin site in Banbury to seek legal advice from an industrial disease specialist.”


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