A cancer victim in Harrogate is calling for his former workmates to come forward with information about his working conditions after he developed bladder cancer.

Mick Horsman, 60, was diagnosed with cancer in June 2009 after attending his doctor about bladder problems.

Mick has since has undergone two operations. He is currently receiving a vaccine and has been told he may need chemotherapy and may have to have his bladder removed entirely.

Did you work at Dunlopillo between 1971 and 2007?

The father of one has never smoked but believes he has worked with cancer-causing chemicals while working for Dunlopillo from 1971 to 2007.

The company makes latex beds and pillows and Mick worked making plastic frames for car seats.

Following his diagnosis he was advised by a Macmillan Cancer nurse that his condition may be caused by work. He instructed industrial disease claims specialists Thompsons Solicitors to seek advice about whether he may be entitled to bladder cancer compensation.

Thompsons are seeking to establish what chemicals and other materials he was exposed to and are pursuing a number of different lines of enquiry.

Thompsons would like to hear from ex-employees of Dunlopillo, Pannal, Station Road

In particular Thompsons would like to hear from anyone who worked at Dunlopillo at Pannal, Station Road, Harrogate, between 1971 and 2007.

Mick, who has also suffered from skin cancer on his face, said: “I am hoping that after my latest treatment that I will be given the all clear but there is still a chance they may decide to remove my bladder. It’s a terrifying thought. I worry about what my future holds and my family. I would urge anyone who has any information about the chemicals used at Dunlopillo during the time I worked there to come forward.”

Marion Voss from Thompsons Solicitors said: “Certain chemicals are recognised as bladder carcinogens. We are trying to build up a picture of the chemical substances and materials our client worked with as part of a detailed forensic investigation into whether it may be the cause of his bladder cancer.

“We would like to speak to anyone who worked at Dunlopillo between 1971 and 2007. Our preliminary enquiries do not constitute any allegation of fault against any particular company.”