More than one million pounds in compensation has been secured for a man from County Durham who has been left with a life-long disability after a 600kg load fell on him at work.

The worker, who is in his thirties, was asked by his supervisor to help push a loaded industrial goods transporter. The goods had not been adequately secured in the transporter and, when it went over uneven ground as it was moved, the load dislodged and fell onto the man, pinning him to the ground.  

It took 20 colleagues to free him from the 600kg load and he was immediately rushed to hospital.

The failure to make sure the load was secure has dramatically changed a man’s life and that of his family.

Paul Brown Senior Serious Injury Solicitor at Thompsons Solicitors

He suffered serious injuries to his kidney, pelvis and bladder. The man was in hospital for a month after the accident, and has had reconstructive pelvic surgery and procedures to insert two bolts into his back. He has ongoing chronic pain and his mobility is compromised.

“I’m essentially disabled for life and every day is a struggle.

“I have a young daughter but my injuries mean I can’t play with her like I used to, which upsets me very much. For three years after the accident I had weekly sessions with a psychologist to help me come to terms with my injuries; these have now reduced to fortnightly sessions so there has been some improvement.”

The man cannot work and struggles to drive and walk long distances.

After the accident, he turned to a high street law firm to make a compensation claim but he was not happy with the service and advice he was given, which is when he turned to serious injury specialists Thompsons Solicitors. Thompsons’ serious injury legal team went on to secure a £1.35 million settlement.

He continued: “From the moment I contacted Thompsons Solicitors I felt I was being given support and advice that would make a material difference to my recovery and my family’s future.

“My new solicitor immediately set about securing an interim payment, which meant I was able to pay for physiotherapy, occupational therapy and private cleaning services. I also used the interim payment for acupuncture treatment and hydrotherapy.

“I know I still have a long way to go, and will never be as mobile I was before the accident, but I’m determined to continue to make improvements so that I can be the best dad I can for my daughter.”

Using the compensation that Thompsons Solicitors secured for him, his family has moved into an adapted bungalow, which helps makes life at home as comfortable as possible.  

Paul Brown, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “This accident could have been avoided if the load in the transporter was properly secured. The failure to make sure the load was secure has dramatically changed a man’s life and that of his family.

“Using our network of specialists, we were able to quickly establish what levels of care, treatment and support our client needed, ensuring that these were put in place during the course of his claim. While our client will be disabled for the rest of his life, the level of compensation secured means his family has financial security, so that they can focus on rebuilding their lives.”