Workplace Assault Claims

Workers should expect, and deserve, to be kept safe from danger and hazards and to return home each day unharmed.

UK law imposes strict duties on employers to protect their workers from injury, including deliberate acts of violence such as an attack or assault in the workplace.

Employers who fail to address or minimise the risk of violence against their workers may be liable if workplace attacks or assaults occur.

If you have been the victim of a workplace assault – whether by colleagues, customers or service users – we can offer independent legal advice on whether you have a case for compensation against your employer.

Thompsons has pledged to only ever act for the injured or mistreated party, never for employers, so you can be assured that we are fully on your side. Our dedicated team of lawyers will explain every stage in plain English and support you throughout the process of making a compensation claim for your injuries.

“Being a prison officer can be a dangerous job but nobody should go to work and get stabbed. I cannot thank Thompsons enough for helping me to hold my employer to account." Iain, our workplace assault client