Our client worked for the local Council and was given the job of putting six heavy bins on to the back of a truck. He had to lift the bins over shoulder height, which was an awkward manoeuvre. He received no specific training on how to undertake it safely and, as a result, injured one of his knees.

Our client’s employer denied it had done anything wrong, suggesting our client should have asked for assistance if he needed it. The employer fought all the way and the case went to trial.

The Judge agreed with us that it was the employer’s responsibility to consider and assess the risks of the jobs it required employees to do, and that our client was just trying to get on with the task given to him.

Emma Rogerson, who supported the injured client, said: “Our client was given a job to do by his employer - he just got on with it as best he could. A moment’s thought by the employer would have made clear it was a two person job, but the employer hadn’t seemingly applied thought. Incredibly, they still resisted and fought the case for trial.”