Our breadth of experience and willingness to take on cases that other firms might turn down as they are not straightforward is shown in this week’s ‘Case of the Week’, where our client was injured after having to brake and mount a grass verge when a car suddenly pulled in front of him after overtaking.

A claim was made, but the other driver disputed the facts, claiming our client had been driving too slowly.

It was only at trial, when under questioning, that the other driver admitted he had sought to overtake in an unsafe place, and that his driving had fallen below the expected standard. Noting these clear admissions the Judge found in our client’s favour.

Kerry Fenton, who represented the client, said: “Our client was confronted with an impatient and unsafe driver. There are basics in the Highway Code that some drivers seem to forget, and then can’t admit that their driving is in anyway to blame when things go wrong.”