Our client fell from rocks during a seaside holiday. He was taken to a local hospital and x-rayed, but critically the doctors failed to diagnose he had fractured his hip. Even when he was readmitted to the same hospital because of the pain he was in they failed to re-examine him and did not carry out any further tests.

On returning home and still in pain, and reduced to using crutches, our client was eventually seen by a consultant seven weeks later. Following the surgery our client had three weeks off work and was then slowly able get his life back on track.

A doctor inspects an x-ray of a patient

Acting for our client Madeleine Pinschof, of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “The hospital at fault here failed to provide adequate treatment to our client on two separate occasions, leaving him in unnecessary pain for almost two months. Hospitals should treat each patient as an individual, and if a patient says they are in ongoing significant pain in their own bodies it should be properly investigated”.