We may all feel a degree of safety when using a pedestrian crossing, but this week’s case demonstrates that even when doing so there remains dangers on the roads.

Our client was using a pedestrian crossing when a car coming towards her failed to stop. The car hit our client, causing her to be catapulted several feet down the road. She was taken to hospital where she underwent surgery for a fractured arm. She also developed a number of psychological symptoms as a result of the horrific incident.

Our client’s trade union, UNISON, provided her with support and assistance, and we acted for her against the negligent driver.

"Our client secured 100% of their compensation without any deductions, allowing them to put this horrible incident in the past.”

Amanda Dixon Road Traffic Accident specialist

Amanda Dixon from Thompsons’ Solicitors Leeds office, who represented our client, said: “Thompsons Solicitors has stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the trade union movement for decades and we continue to support the injured trade unionists and their families with free legal support. Our client’s UNISON membership meant that we secured 100% of her compensation without any deductions, allowing her to put this horrible incident in the past”.