Our client worked in the community and her duties included undertaking basic health checks. Despite doing this role day in, day out, she was not allocated her own set of equipment.

One piece of equipment key to her duties was a stethoscope, which she collected on the day of her accident as required by her employer.

As the equipment was not personally issued our client was unaware that one of the plastic coverings on the end of stethoscope had become loose and had fallen off. As our client used this faulty equipment it perforated her ear drum.

Backed by her trade union, Unison, the claim ended up in court where the Judge found the stethoscope defective, and that there was no safe system of inspection of maintenance of the work equipment.

Commenting on the case, Sam Ledgerd, from Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Not only did we get our client compensation but her employer has changed its practice to commence routine inspections of work equipment resulting in an increase in safety standards for all of her colleagues.”