This week’s case is from Newcastle Upon Tyne County Court, in which our client was hit from behind by another vehicle when waiting at a roundabout.

Even though the facts of the case were clear, straightforward and accepted, the insurance company representing the driver denied responsibility, alleging that no injury could have occurred from the impact and that our client was being dishonest in bringing the case.

The case went to trial and the other driver conceded before the Judge that the force of the collision had displaced both him and his passenger from the seats, and that damage had been caused to both vehicles.

Having considered the documentary evidence and independent medical evidence the Judge accepted our client was being honest and had been injured in the way described, and awarded appropriate compensation.

Hayley Jukes who ran the case, said: “The refusal of the insurance company to settle this claim before a trial only led to increased costs and delay and wasn’t fair on our client. The evidence spoke for itself, yet the insurance company chose to try and bully a completely honest and innocent driver to drop his claim. This sort of case makes a mockery of the government saying during the passage of the Civil Liability Bill that RTA claims are simple and victims don’t need lawyers to help them when they bring claims against insurers”.