Our client was on a theme park ride with his family when there was a loud bang and the ride came to a sudden halt, which caused him to suffer injuries to his neck and back.

The owner of the popular theme park acknowledged it was at fault for the ride stopping as it did, but suggested the speed it was travelling would not have injured our client and that he was being dishonest in bringing a claim.

The case went to trial, where the judge accepted the evidence from an independent medical expert and concluded that our client had been injured as he claimed.

Karina Marriott, who represented the father-of-two, said: “We are not all the same. Different people react differently. In this case, the defendant’s insurers took a ‘one size fits all’ approach and fought this all the way. To our client’s great credit, he stood his ground even when it was suggested he was making it all up.

“We are sorry this happened to our client but are pleased the judge took little time to agree in favour of him.”