Birth Injury Compensation

A family cared for their desperately ill son for more than 10 years without realising they could receive millions of pounds in compensation.

They had been wrongly advised that they could not claim after his third birthday for a catastrophic medical error during his birth which has rendered him virtually helpless.

But then they contacted Thompsons Solicitors who won £3.8m to enable the family to provide for their son for the rest of his life.

Their son sustained a severe brain injury at birth and was subsequently diagnosed with cerebral palsy following birth asphyxia.

Medical error during birth resulted in Cerebral Palsy

The hospital admitted the negligent management of his birth which resulted in a severe brain injury and subsequent diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

The young man is unable to walk unaided and is dependent on others for his basic needs. He cannot speak and has significant learning difficulties.

His injuries could have been avoided had he been delivered 25 minutes earlier.

The family contacted Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim for clinical negligence after discovering that he could claim compensation in these circumstances at any point. They had previously been wrongly advised that he could only claim up until his third birthday.

The case was settled out of court by the local NHS Trust.

Money will secure son's long term future

His mother said the money will help them to provide for her son’s needs. She said: “Our overwhelming concern has always been to secure our son’s long term future to enable him to develop to his full potential and to make his life as happy and fulfilled as possible.

“This settlement will allow us to buy a larger house which can be adapted to his needs. We are indebted to Kashmir Uppal for the sympathetic and efficient way she has dealt with our case. We cannot thank her enough for her dedication, her hard work and many long hours she gave on our behalf.”

Kashmir Uppal from Thompsons Solicitors added: “We are pleased we have been able to bring a successful conclusion to this case. This man’s disability could have been avoided if the correct procedures had been in place when he was born.

“Litigation of this kind ensures that his needs will be met for the remainder of his life. It also ensures that poor medical procedures are fully investigated and hopefully lessons will be learned to improve NHS standards of care during labour and the delivery of babies.”