A 22-year-old man has been awarded £125,000 after a misdiagnosis as a child left him disabled. 

Jake Hill, from Sandown, had an x-ray scan taken at St Mary's Hospital on the Isle of Wight when he suffered from hip pain and soreness at the age of twelve. 

The scans clearly showed a slipped upper femoral epiphysis (SUFE) to his left hip, a condition in which the ball of the thighbone slips from its place. 

However, the images were incorrectly interpreted by the radiology staff who conducted the scan. As a result, his condition worsened, and the slip intensified from 35 degrees to 60 degrees. 

Eventually the condition was correctly diagnosed in July 2007, but the delay caused Jake increased hip and back pain, restriction of movement in his hip and leg shortening which has affected the way he walks. Due to the delay, Jake has needed three surgical operations to alleviate the pain and is now classed as disabled under the Equality Act. 

Since the slip was allowed to deteriorate, Jake is likely to develop joint disease osteoarthritis in his 30s and will require total hip replacement by the age of 40. Had there been no misdiagnosis and delay in receiving treatment, Jake would have still have required a total hip replacement, but much later in his 60s.He was told that his medical condition has prevented him from pursuing a career in sports, ideally rugby. 

Following his operations, Jake and his family contacted medical negligence specialists at Thompsons Solicitors to investigate his claim. 

Thompsons argued that the misdiagnosis had caused Jake considerable difficulty in his life, including personal and financial hardship. The hospital paid out £125,000 for the error, which will go towards his future medical care.

Jake Hill, a medical negligence client of Thompsons Solicitors
Thompsons secured funds needed for Jake Hill to receive medical treatment, after a misdiagnosed condition as a child left him disabled.
“My solicitor at Thompsons has been so supportive and understanding, and the team fought for me throughout this process.”

Jake our medical negligence client

Jake said: “My condition could have been spotted long ago but instead it will impact the rest of my life in so many different ways. My health and resulting disability mean I can’t have the career that I wanted. The money is a safety net for me and my family for when I need hip operations in the future. 

“My solicitor at Thompsons has been so supportive and understanding, and the team fought for me throughout this process.” 

Madeleine Pinschof of Thompsons Solicitors, said: “Jake is a very young man who has had his career options limited needlessly. Swift and accurate diagnosis is key to preventing serious health problems, and when it doesn’t happen, as in the case of our client, the consequences can be serious and life-long.”