Another patient of disgraced gynaecologist, Rob Jones, has come forward to disclose the negligence she suffered in 2002.

The anonymous woman, from Cornwall, had been suffering from severe back pain due to fibroids when she was first seen by Mr Jones in July 2002.

The surgeon initially recommended a hysterectomy, then changed his mind in August 2003 and instead persuaded her that a Mirena coil should be inserted to alleviate her back pain.

Although her symptoms initially improved, the pain resumed. Thompsons Solicitors argued that the delay in performing the hysterectomy caused the fibroids to grow causing continued back pain and a prolapse. She was advised by a different surgeon to undergo a more invasive hysterectomy than originally proposed, in order to eliminate the issue.

She contacted medical negligence experts Thompsons Solicitors to investigate a claim on her behalf. Thompsons considered that Mr Jones had not properly examined her and successfully secured £6,000 in damages for the pain and suffering caused by his negligence.

The ex-patient said: “He was so dismissive when I came to him for help. I trusted him to give me the best advice and his actions actually made my back pain worse.

“Thompsons’ investigation found that he did not examine me properly at the time – and therefore he should not have advised against a hysterectomy which would have given me proper pain relief. I’m grateful to Thompsons for fighting my case.”

Madeleine Pinschof, a medical negligence specialist at Thompsons Solicitors said: “This is yet another example of Mr Jones’ utter disregard for his patients’ welfare.

“We’ve dealt with several negligence cases against Mr. Jones now and it’s shocking that he was able to get away with this level of misconduct – we’ve supported women who have suffered everything from delays in diagnosis to failure to perform the intended operation. We’re very concerned that the full extent of the damage done to patients has not yet come to light.”