The refusal of an appeal by convicted breast surgeon Ian Paterson against his guilty verdict has been welcomed by Thompsons Solicitors’ head of clinical negligence Linda Millband. On behalf of the hundreds of women and men injured by Paterson who she has represented, Linda said:

“In case after case we have seen the medical and personal devastation Ian Paterson wreaked and the idea that he was not responsible flies against all the facts. His continued attempts to deny responsibility and use of loopholes to wriggle out of his conviction are sick-making for our clients and for all of us who are dealing with the aftermath of his appalling negligence.

“The lives of hundreds of people we have supported, and many more who are still coming to us now as part of a new fund for his former patients, have been altered forever and it would have been a travesty had his appeal been allowed.

“We are urging anyone who believes they may have been a victim of Ian Paterson, at any time, to come forward and seek compensation for their injuries.”

On 26 July 2021, Thompsons Solicitors was asked to manage a new fund, set up by Spire Healthcare, to represent additional victims of Paterson’s crimes. As the lead litigator in compensation claims against Paterson in 2017, Spire Healthcare has agreed that Thompsons Solicitors, alongside Slater and Gordon, will advise further victims with claims for compensation and manage the fund.