Linda Millband, national lead lawyer of the Thompsons Solicitors medical negligence team pursuing compensation for over 350 of Paterson’s private clients, said: 

“We have long called for an investigation into Mr Paterson’s practices but any inquiry, however welcome, shouldn’t be used as a stick with which to beat the NHS. The real scandal here is the legal loophole which allowed Mr Paterson to continue to practice unchecked in private practice long after the NHS had suspended him. 

“The Health Secretary has promised a comprehensive, private inquiry but we are in an election campaign and this very serious matter must not become a political football: the findings of any inquiry must be made public. 

“The NHS has accepted where it failed in its duty of care and has compensated Paterson’s patients. By contrast, private provider Spire has shirked its responsibility and refused to pay out what is clearly due to the hundreds of people who fell victim to Mr Paterson at its hospitals. We are calling for tighter regulation of private hospitals requiring them to level up to the same standards of safety and accountability as the NHS and we will be seeking to persuade whoever is occupying the position of Health Secretary that patients – whether NHS or private – must be put before profit.” 

Thompsons Solicitors began uncovering Mr Paterson’s malpractice in 2009, and following investigations he was taken to court. On 28 April 2017, Mr Paterson was found guilty of multiple counts of wounding with intent by a jury at Nottingham Crown Court.