As campaigners of MRSA Action UK prepare to lay floral tributes at Westminster Abbey this evening as a mark of respect for the victims of superbugs such as MRSA, leading claimant personal injury firm, Thompsons Solicitors, is lending its voice to the newly formed charity.

The Clinical Negligence Team at Thompsons Solicitors welcomes the action and proposals of MRSA Action UK, which draw attention to the proliferation of cases of Health Care Acquired Infections (HCAIs) including MRSA and Clostridium Difficile.

Cathryn Davies, partner at Thompsons, comments: “We see many cases where our clients have suffered very poor outcomes because of HCAIs, particularly MRSA. Tragically, in a number of cases we have been contacted by the relatives of patients who have suffered fatal consequences. Additionally, many of us have personal experience of the consequences of such infections with friends and family. More action is clearly needed. Noting that most healthcare providers are dedicated professionals, one wonders whether the issue is budgets?”

Investigating an MRSA case requires meticulous attention to detail in terms of investigating the hospital’s adherence to infection control policies. General allegations of shortcomings in hospital cleanliness have to be pinned down to specific instances, with dates, and even staff names. “We advise potential clients to make a formal complaint in all MRSA and other hospital acquired infection cases,” says Cathryn Davies, “both as an effective way of obtaining details that may assist their case and to ensure awareness of the rate and effect HCAIs make to hospital management.”

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