Thompsons Solicitors has hit back at car insurance giant Aviva, who last week called for a removal of ‘access to cash from injury claims’.

Rob Townend, claims director at Aviva UK General Insurance told the press that injury-related nuisance calls and texts would cease if government proposals around road traffic accidents, outlined in last year’s autumn statement, were implemented.

Thompsons Solicitors rejects this statement, citing a risk that implementing the government’s proposals could in fact cause a rise in the number of claims management companies (CMCs) who are largely responsible for this type of nuisance call.

Tom Jones, Head of Policy at Thompsons Solicitors commented: “Rob Townend at Aviva glibly talks about ‘the removal of cash compensation for minor injuries’. Dismissing claims of up to £5,000 in value as 'minor' and unworthy of any recompense will be pretty offensive to victims of car crashes. £5,000 isn't minor to people outside the closed world of insurance companies.

“What’s more, removing legal representation could actually lead to an increase in unscrupulous claims management companies trying to do the job done now by solicitors. Take away insurers having to pay for the injured to have professional, independent advice and the gap will be filled by all kinds of dodgy companies offering to act for people and that means more unwanted calls and texts for injured people, not less. The government’s plans will open the flood gates for less scrupulous players in the personal injury sector.

“If the reforms come in, we’ll see all sorts of companies taking on car crash claims for those who are injured and who – understandably – are unwilling to fight against car insurers on their own, in their own time.

“The way to end these phishing scams is to clamp down on the companies using this technique, not punish the majority of honest motorists by removing their access to justice via an accredited solicitor.”