A study by Aviva has shown that 87% of people think bogus whiplash claims are unacceptable. Thompsons Solicitors (who agree with the findings) is asking why, if that is the view of the vast majority of people, insurers continue to push for the punishment of everyone because of the illegal actions of a few.

The survey of 2,000 people found that fraudulent motor claims were considered as unacceptable as drink-driving by the public.

Claims director at Aviva Rob Townend praised the survey results, in which only 5% said a fraudulent insurance claim was acceptable and said that ‘Britain is generally a nation of considerate citizens who do the right thing.’

However, Thompsons Solicitors has hit back, asking why, given the honesty of 87% of those surveyed, Aviva and other major insurance companies think it is appropriate to remove legal representation for all car accident victims in cases valued at less than £5,000.

Aviva also claimed that they have 14,000 suspect whiplash claims under investigation, however they did not declare motor fraud a ‘material risk’ to shareholders in their most recent financial report, as is required by the Financial Reporting Council.

Tom Jones, head of policy at Thompsons Solicitors said: “Having paid for this survey Aviva is trying to mould the results to suit its agenda and prop up their worn-out arguments. Their analysis is illogical.

“What Aviva have done here is hoist themselves on their own petard – if 87% think false whiplash claims are morally wrong, then they’re not likely to attempt to make one. The survey shows that people don’t make claims unless they are legitimate so why are Aviva and other insurers looking to remove the right of honest motorists from having free legal representation if they get hurt on the road?”

“Mr Townend talks of an ‘unhealthy whiplash claims culture’ that but 5% of people does not a culture make! The simple fact of the matter is there is not the level of fraud that insurers claim there is, it’s a simply a smokescreen to keep premiums soaring and profits up for the benefit of their shareholders. Again we ask: if fraud is such a big problem, why wasn’t it declared in any of the insurer’s end of year financial results?”

Thompsons is opposing the change to the small claims limit in road accidents. To learn more visit our dedicated campaign or search ‘Small Claims Big Impact’.