A dedicated team of lawyers who fight for compensation on behalf of Sheffield residents are celebrating 25 years in the city this month.

Thompsons Solicitors, based in Furnival Square has helped its clients receive millions of pounds worth of damages during its quarter of a century in the city.

Thompsons is the most experienced personal injury law firm in the UK. It specialises in providing legal support to employees injured in the workplace, those who have suffered road traffic accidents, medical accidents and exposure to dangerous materials like asbestos.

In last four years alone the firm has secured more than £26.1m for victims including £200,000 for a man in Selby who suffered a stroke after he was knocked off his bike by a road sweeper.

The firm has also secured £147,000 for a man who was diagnosed with fatal asbestos related disease mesothelioma after being exposed to the dust at Laycock Engineering in Sheffield.

Thompsons secure the maximum amount of compensation in the shortest possible time

Across the UK the firm has worked with the trade unions for over 80 years to secure maximum compensation for their members including those involved in employment tribunals. It also works to secure compensation for non-union clients.

Richard Woolley, branch manager at the Sheffield office said: “Thompsons are proud to mark 25 years in Sheffield. We have helped thousands of people receive compensation.

“During this time we have built up a robust reputation. We have looked after the interests of working people and union members in South Yorkshire and Humberside by taking aggressive legal action to ensure we secure the maximum amount of compensation in the shortest time possible. Many of our clients were injured in accidents for which they were not at fault and it is only just that they are compensated.

“We look forward to continuing this success long into the future.”