All Thompson's lawyers have regular in house training (and are often involved in delivering training themselves to union members and officers). The event at the weekend saw representatives from all 22 Thompson's offices come together for the first time.

The partner with responsibility for organising the training - Tony Lawton from the Birmingham office - commented:

"This was a highly successful weekend which, though it took some logistics to bring this number of people together and keep the offices open, was seen as very rewarding by all involved.

"We heard about the firm's history, its significant victories over the years including those over the last 2 years. There was a report on the ways that we have used our expertise for the victims of injury not just in the UK but also in South Africa where asbestos miners now have £45m in trust funds for them and their families thanks to Thompson's work. We also heard of the project the firm is co-sponsoring with a UK union to get legal help for Colombian trade unionists who are being persecuted by their own government.

"It was a good opportunity for the specialists in different areas of the firm (personal injury, employment and work related crime) to get together. Recognition that whatever cases we take on we refuse to act for the insurers, employers or the prosecution is hugely important for our outlook. It means we know exactly where we are going and what we stand for. This weekend will enable us to work together even more efficiently for claimants and unions."