Young people from across Sheffield will attend an inspirational outreach conference in July 2010 and high achievers in Sheffield are being asked to donate their time to help out.

The Youth Can Achieve Conference, which is being run in association with Thompsons Solicitors, and Sheffield Hallam University is aimed at providing long term motivation and support for young people in the area.

It aims to raise the aspirations and educational achievements amongst those who often underachieve in an academic environment due to pressures they are under.

The youths, currently between 12 and 13 from schools across the region will work with Youth Can Achieve until they take their GCSE’s. Over that time they will be given vital guidance and support to help them achieve their ambitions.

The conference will include guidance from Sheffield-born talents who have managed to achieve their dreams in life despite having the odds stacked against them from a young age, including local footballers and artists. And there is still room for more high achievers to get involved.

The day involves a series of workshops, talks and a dramatisation to empower the young people and help them make informed decisions about their future.

The activities are designed to build skills, confidence and awareness of future possibilities. Each child will be given a personal life-guide folder to track their progress over the next three years that will include a range of objectives and tasks which, when completed, will generate points. Prizes will be awarded at the final conference for children who have attained the most points from their projects.

The event is the brainchild of Nikki Sharpe, from Thompsons Solicitors in Sheffield. Nikki managed to overcome difficulties in her childhood, to achieve her dream of becoming a solicitor.

She said: “I was so excited about starting Youth Can Achieve because I know it will work and that the young people taking part will grow in confidence and motivation and be better equipped for their futures. I am now at a stage in my career where I can recognise the steps I had to take to get where I am today, and I wanted to put that knowledge back into helping young people climb the ladder which can be daunting.

“Our first conference last year was really successful. We engaged with more than 40 young people across the region and have been monitoring their progress since. It’s clear already that Youth Can Achieve can make a real difference in the outlook of those we have worked with.”

To find out about becoming involved with Youth Can Achieve contact Nikki Sharpe on 08000 224 224.