A North East man who broke his spine when he couldn’t avoid hitting a jack knifed trailer on the A1 has received £21,500 in compensation after help from Thompsons Solicitors.

Jeffery Scott, from Rowlands Gill was driving home from work in January 2008 when the driver of a trailer in front of him lost control causing it to jack knife across two lanes of the busy motorway in Yorkshire.

It was dark and the trailer didn’t have any lights meaning Mr Scott couldn’t avoid ploughing into it at high speed.

The impact was so severe that he had to be pulled free from the wreckage.

Broken spine and broken ankle from accident

The security consultant suffered a broken spine, broken ankle and post traumatic stress disorder, which meant he was unable to drive for more than a year afterwards.

He had to wear a body brace and a cast on his ankle for nine weeks. He was eventually able to return to work after four months.

Following the accident he instructed Thompsons Solicitors to deal with his motor insurance claim. The trailer driver admitted liability and agreed to settle the claim out of court.

Pleased with service from Thompsons Solicitors

Mr Scott said: “I’m lucky to be alive. I didn’t have time to brake when the trailer jack knifed. Because it was so dark and it didn’t have any lights the police said that I didn’t have a chance.

“Fortunately my spine and ankle have healed but I still suffer from aches and pains in the areas I was injured, especially during the colder weather.

“Thompsons handled my claim quickly and professionally and I’m pleased with my final settlement.”

Paul Morpeth from Thompsons Solicitors in Newcastle added: “Mr Scott suffered serious injuries as a result of this accident which it took him months to recover from.

“Mr Scott has had to suffer the consequences of the trailer driver’s recklessness.”