A police officer who suffered a slipped disc after being involved in a car crash while on duty has received £18,000 in compensation.

The 29-year-old, from Kenilworth in Warwickshire was driving an unmarked police car to Coventry Airport in 2007 when it was hit from behind.

He was driving to the airport to provide extra security in the week after a terrorist attack on Glasgow Airport.

Car hit from behind

His car was caught in a traffic jam on the A45 when it was hit. He suffered a whiplash injury and a slipped disc in the accident.

He continued working following the accident despite severe pain after being misdiagnosed. It wasn’t until a year later when he went to a private doctor that he found out that his condition was so serious. The doctor said he would have been paralysed if the injuries had been any closer to his spinal cord.

He underwent surgery on his back and had to take six weeks off work.

Decided to make claim for compensation

He said following the surgery he decided to pursue accident compensation in an attempt to claim back the money he had spent on the private healthcare and physiotherapy.

He contacted the Police Federation which instructed its lawyers Thompsons Solicitors to pursue the claim.

The other driver’s insurers settled the claim for more than £18,000.

The officer said: “After the accident I continued to work because I was misdiagnosed at the hospital. I was in pain, but had no idea that my injuries were so bad. It wasn’t until I eventually decided to seek private advice that I found out that I needed surgery.

“The private healthcare was expensive so I decided to claim compensation to get the money back. It was a relief to know that the Police Federation and Thompsons Solicitors were there to fight my case.”

Reimbursed for the money spent on private healthcare

Jeff Millward, JBB secretary at the Police Federation said: “We are pleased our free legal service for members has helped this member in his compensation claim. It was unfortunate that this member had to work through such a painful injury but at least now he has been reimbursed for the money he had to spend on private healthcare.”

Dianne Yates from Thompsons Solicitors said: “Often whiplash injuries are not immediately apparent after the accident. Many drivers will think they have survived a minor accident unharmed but the injuries can often be far more extensive. Victims of road accidents should seek the services of a solicitor to enable them to receive the maximum amount of compensation they are entitled to.”