A worker whose career came to an abrupt end following a road traffic accident has received £80,000 in compensation thanks to Thompsons Solicitors.

The woman suffered head and spinal injuries after she was knocked off her bicycle by a van.

When cycling to work on a busy road, the 61-year-old heard a vehicle accelerating, and as she turned off at a junction it continued to travel quickly behind her. The vehicle struck the back of her bicycle and she was thrown onto the bonnet of the vehicle and hit the windscreen.

The accident caused a severe fractured vertebrae in the spine. For a period of time she also suffered from positional vertigo, a condition that causes extreme dizziness.

Following treatment she spent time at a rehabilitation centre for intense physiotherapy sessions to help her spinal injury. Five years later, the woman still continues to visit a pilates class twice a week to try and reduce the pain to her lower back.

After the accident, she returned to work but with amended duties for three years. However, her pain continued to make it increasingly difficult for her to continue and subsequently her employment was terminated on the grounds of ill health.

Thompsons Solicitors investigated a claim for compensation for the woman.

She explained: “My injuries were horrendous and cut my career short as I was unable to carry on with my job.

“I had planned to work until retirement age and was looking forward to all the plans my husband and I had made when I retired in good health. These are now in tatters.”

Aside from the physical injuries, the woman also suffers from mental trauma.

She said: “I’ve lost all my confidence and haven’t ridden a bike since. I’ve always had a busy lifestyle and now all that has changed.

“Thankfully my compensation will help keep me and my family financially secure, and fill the gap left by my loss of earnings and pension entitlement.”

Paul Rosser of Thompsons Solicitors commented: “Unfortunately this is another case where a driver has failed to be aware of other road users, particularly those who are vulnerable such as cyclists and pedestrians.

“Our client was wearing high-visibility clothing yet the driver failed to notice her presence or chose to think getting to their destination quicker rather than the safety of other road users, and now she has suffered life-changing injuries as a consequence.”