The FCA published a report this month scrutinising the insurance sector’s approach to motor legal expenses insurance (MLEI) and setting out new guidelines for the sector.

While the FCA report has examined insurers’ behaviour, the firm feels that it does not go far enough to address the misleading claims insurers make to consumers.

Head of Policy and Public Affairs at Thompsons, Tom Jones said, “This smacks of stable doors flapping in the wind. For years insurers have frightened and misled policy holders about the need for and extent of MLEI and they continue to do so about the level of motor insurance premiums and so-called compensation culture.

“The insurers have made a fortune and now they are being told to get their house in order. But even now it's only a requirement to 'consider' and threats - if you can call it that - of a 'proportionate approach' to transgressions.”

Thompsons Solicitors has launched an on-going campaign to challenge hypocrisy within the motor insurance industry and their allegations that fraudulent claims are making their operations unprofitable. 

Putting a stop to hypocrisy within the insurance industry

Thompsons is challenging the insurance industry about the hypocritical arguments it makes about fraudulent claims and the negative effect this is having on injured people and victims of road accidents.

We urge you to contact your MP about this issue and have prepared this letter template as an example. Go to to find out who your local MP is.