Killed by a speeding lorry

After evidence at the inquest in September 2012 that the lorry’s Tachograph device recorded an average speed of 38mph – in a 30mph zone – immediately prior to the incident, John and Janet Thompson appealed to the CPS to reconsider its original decision not to prosecute the driver. They were told they would be informed of the outcome by December 14 but that date has been and gone and the family have no new date for a decision.

Jake, a teaching assistant working with pupils with special needs, was using a pedestrian crossing on the A37 in Bristol; independent witnesses told the inquest into his death that the traffic lights were changing to red at the time. He died in hospital on 25 May 2011, five days after sustaining severe head injuries in the incident. Eighteen months after his death the family is waiting for justice for Jake.

Had the lorry been going slower, the collision could have been avoided

David Robinson of Thompsons Solicitors, who is representing the family, said: "Three months ago evidence into the circumstances surrounding Jake's death came out at the inquest. Since then the CPS has had independent expert evidence that, had the lorry been going slower, the collision could have been avoided. How the CPS –when faced with the fact a speeding driver hit and killed someone on a pedestrian crossing – cannot make up their minds whether to prosecute is beyond me."

Jake’s father, John Thompson of Belmont, Durham said: “We are very deeply saddened and frustrated that the CPS has not given us a decision about Jake’s case.

“Our legal advisors, Thompsons Solicitors, wrote to the CPS on the 12 December urging them to reconsider honouring the 14 December deadline but have still not received a response.

“Milestone events, when we would normally join together as a family, are difficult enough without having this hanging over us. This Christmas, my family is not only facing an empty space at the table,but with no details of when the CPS will give us a decision, yet another year of unanswered questions.

“We remain perplexed as to why the CPS seems intent on stalling further and denying my family the answers we crave and Jake the justice he deserves.”