A self employed lorry driver, who has been forced to rethink his career after a car accident, has received a substantial sum in compensation. 

Steven Jones, 41, from Stourport on Severn had to take time off work over a two year period as a result of an accident whilst he was driving a heavy goods vehicle in Hereford.

Mr Jones’ lorry was hit by the driver of a BMW on the wrong side of the road during heavy snow in February 2007.

The accident left him with two compressed vertebrae and a soft tissue injury to his left hand. 
He still suffers from back pain as a result of the injury.

Accident has left lasting pain

He is now looking for work in a different industry because his back causes him discomfort when driving long distances and when lifting heavy objects.

He said: “Unfortunately because I’m self employed I felt I had to work through my injuries despite the pain. I took days off here and there over a two year period and I still have days now where the pain is unbearable. I’ve decided that I can’t continue working as a lorry driver and I am looking for alternative work, but the current climate combined with my injuries means this has been difficult.”

Following the accident he contacted Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation. 

Thompsons’ investigations discovered that the BMW driver had hit two other cars before crashing into Mr Jones’ lorry. Thompsons secured a settlement from the other driver’s insurers. 

Martin Fell from Thompsons said: “The neglect of the BMW driver has left Mr Jones with serious back problems which have forced him to look for alternative work. His injuries means he is restricted in the careers he can now consider. The level of compensation recovered reflects Mr Jones’ predicament.”