The All-Parliamentary Group on Occupational Safety and Health has called for an ELIB to protect claimants unable to trace their employers’ insurer. In a new publication Employers’ Liability Insurance the need for change the group – which includes MPs of all political parties – says:

“Driving without insurance and employing people without insurance are both illegal. If an effective system can be set up, funded and administered for all 26 million vehicles on the British roads, there is no reason why something similar could not be established for the employers’ liability compulsory insurance policies of the 1.2 million UK businesses with employees. This would provide a vital safety net for people who need it when they are at their most vulnerable.

“The fact is that a voluntary approach is failing many thousands of vulnerable claimants and their dependants who are being denied compensation as a result of the failures of others over a long period of time. The All-Party Group on Occupational Safety and Health has no hesitation in calling on the Government to take urgent action on this matter and set up a fund of last resort underpinned by a national database to mirror the arrangements for motor vehicle insurance.”