Witness to accident found

The police have confirmed that four officers have been served notice that they are now being investigated for misconduct.

They also say another witness has been found who believes that the traffic lights were turning to red at the time of the accident.

The police have now reopened the investigation into the accident, but because the CPS needs all information before they can make a decision, this will inevitably cause further delay.

David Robinson of Thompsons Solicitors, who is representing the family, said: “This puts the delay in the CPS decision on whether or not to prosecute in context. Clearly, as we have said all along, the original police investigation into the accident was sadly lacking in thoroughness, with obvious leads not followed up.

It is completely unacceptable that the lorry was travelling at 8mph over the speed limit immediately prior to the accident, and yet the driver has so far walked away with a clean licence.

“Because of the failure of the police to mount a full inquiry, the inquest in September wasn’t given the full facts and ruled Jake’s death accidental. But, working with the family, we are determined not to let the matter rest.”