The 42-year-old Greater Manchester Police officer needed two operations on his knee following the accident whilst he was off duty in April 2007.

He was parking his car at a Somerfield supermarket car park in Royton when it was hit by a BMW on the front passenger side. 

Initially he thought he was fine but after exchanging insurance details and returning to work he began to suffer from pain in his neck, back and left knee. He was diagnosed with acceleration injuries to his neck and spine and soft tissue injuries to his knee.

His knee became so bad he was unable to walk far and had to be put onto administrative duties at work. 

He had to give up playing tennis, couldn’t do the gardening and had difficulty getting in and out of the bath for several months.

He was referred for knee surgery in June 2007 and then needed a second operation in April 2008.

Following the accident he contacted the Police Federation to use the organisation’s free legal services, provided by Thompsons Solicitors, to pursue a claim.

The insurers of the driver of the BMW refused to accept liability but settled the claim out of court after a lengthily legal battle. 

David Pellatt, General Secretary of the Inspectors' Central Committee of the Police Federation said: “Our legal service provides members with help in and out of work. People often get sucked into using lawyers offered by their insurance company after a car accident. This case shows the benefit of using independent expert legal advice.” 

Allison Mohan from Thompsons Solicitors added: “The insurers refusal to take responsibility for the actions of their insured meaning we had to fight this case the whole way which was trying for our client but we stood our ground against the insurers and achieved a good settlement.”