This week sees 21 year old Jack Nutting, a brain injury survivor, holding a demonstration in Plymouth to raise awareness of the dangers of glass bottles in pubs and clubs. The event is being publicised on Facebook where a page entitled ‘Ban the Glass Bottle’ has already attracted over 300 members. The aim of the group is to ban the glass bottle late on a night when alcohol fuelled violence is likely to be more prevalent.

On the Facebook page Mr. Nutting tells the story of how on 10 September 2010 he was hit on the head by a glass bottle by a man he did not know as he tried to calm down the 2 girls who were fighting.

Injury changed life

Mr. Nutting writes: “I have to say, that all of this, has changed my life forever. I have memory problems, mobility problems, and other cognitive problems. I feel isolated due to my injuries. I have lost friends due to the injuries. I cannot do daily tasks, like getting myself washed and dressed in the morning. I cannot cook my own food, as I cannot use my left arm. I feel like my life has been taken away from me, all because of a man I do not know”.

The campaign is scheduled to be held later this week in Plymouth.

David Robinson, a solicitor specialising in brain injuries, said: “This highlights how brain injury can happen to anyone, even the innocent good Samaritan. Any efforts to reduce possible dangers of the causes of head injury should be embraced”.