A seven-year-old boy has received serious arm and back injuries after being mauled by a Rottweiler on Southend beach in Essex.

On the 5th of August the young boy was paddling in the sea when a man walked past with two Rottweiler dogs neither of which were on leads and they both ran into the sea where the young boy was paddling.

One of the dogs clamped hold of the boy across his left shoulder and had its mouth across the boy’s chest and back, enclosing his arm within its bite. During the attack, the boy was forced underwater prompting fears he would drown.

The boy’s grandmother waded into the sea to pull the dog off; the dogs then fled the scene with their owner.

The boy was left in a serious condition after suffering around 20 puncture wounds to his chest, back and arms. He has since undergone two operations for his injuries.

Dogs not permitted on beach

Southend Borough Council has confirmed that no dogs are allowed on this stretch of beach during summer months.

Referring to the dog owner, PC Rob Kirk, from Essex Police, said: “He allowed this dog to be dangerously out of control in a public place and a young lad has been left with horrific injuries, both physical and emotional.”