A 63-year-old sailor was airlifted to hospital on the 1st November following a fall on board a yacht.

The Portland Coastguard received a radio call at 10.50pm from the eight-metre yacht, reporting a critically injured sailor.

The sailor sustained head and spinal injuries in the fall and he was flown to Southampton General Hospital for treatment.

As with any other personal injury claim, compensation may be possible if you su

Claiming compensation following an accident at sea

Ships and boats carry a number of potential risks to those who work, travel and holiday aboard them. Slips and trips, falling objects and food poisoning are some of the most common cause of injury.

ffer an injury whilst on board a boat or a ship which was not your fault.

In the United Kingdom there is a standard time limit of three years in which a claim for compensation must be made, however, accidents at sea can be subject to separate regulations and a two year time limitation period may apply depending on the circumstances involved.