This morning in Darlington, a school bus carrying approximately 50 students hit a low railway bridge, resulting in many of the passengers requiring hospital treatment.

David Robinson, a Solicitor who specialises in serious road traffic accident claims in the North East, comments: “The images of the roof of the bus being taken off by colliding with the bridge are horrific. I am surprised and delighted if there are not more serious injuries than have been reported. I wish those who have been injured a speedy recovery. No doubt many of them will still be in shock at what has happened”.

It is understood that the school bus was on its way to the Queen Elizabeth Sixth Form College at the time of the collision.

David says further: “Accidents of any kind are upsetting but in circumstances such as these they are traumatic. For many of those who have been injured in this accident their age will hopefully be on their side. As someone who specialises in serious road traffic compensation claims I know first hand how important it is for my clients to get the right level of support and assistance straightaway so that they can get on with their lives with minimal disruption knowing that experts are behind them looking after their interests”.