A Bristol hospital has recalled 198 bowel surgery patients amid concerns over their treatment, according to media reports.

News articles from both the BBC and Guardian state Southmead Hospital has written to patients who underwent mesh rectopexy to treat organ prolapse, a controversial technique pioneered by consultant Anthony Dixon used to repair pelvic floor tissue, often damaged in childbirth.

The patients, many of whom were treated by Mr Dixon, are being invited to participate in a clinical review. Mr Dixon, who also operated on patients at private Spire Hospital in Bristol, is already under investigation by North Bristol NHS Trust after a number of his patients alleged he failed to warn them about the potential risks of the surgery, leaving them with severe pain.

North Bristol NHS trust is currently undertaking a “thorough review process” of patients who received pelvic floor surgery at Southmead Hospital and private Spire Hospital at the hands of Anthony Dixon and other surgeons. The patients will be reviewed by an independent expert surgeon who will assess whether the original surgery was successful or not.

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