In (Birmingham County Court, 4 March 2010), a 58-year-old man was involved in a rear end shunt. He did not visit his GP or go to hospital and did not receive any medical treatment. He lost no time from work.

He had acute pain for two weeks during which he took Paracetamol. Four and a half months after the accident he had largely recovered with a bit of tenderness when he turned his neck at its extremities. Full recovery was anticipated by nine months. There was no impact on his social life or leisure activities.

We had turned down a Part 36 offer of £1,500 from Direct Line and Plexus. The Judge awarded £1,750.

And finally, in Stoke-on-Trent County Court, 15 March 2010 the claimant suffered a whiplash injury to the neck and shoulders and also travel anxiety. He suffered two weeks off work.

The symptoms were at their worst for four months. He started boxing exercises after 18 months. The medical evidence suggested that the travel anxiety would last for two years and that there would be a complete recovery within two and a half years. There had been a number of offers. The highest offer made by the defendants was £3,680. The Judge awarded general damages of £7,650 inclusive of interest – a very good award.