Central Arbitration Committee (Clause 22-23) - The CAC will have an important role in the new legislation and the Bill sets out the new functions, the provisions for nominating members and the way in which proceedings before the CAC will be organised.

CROTUM AND CPAUIA (Clause 25) - The Commissioner for the Rights of Trade Union Members and the Commissioner for Protection Against Unlawful Industrial Action will be abolished, thereby ending a waste of public money.

Certification Officer (Clause 26 and Schedule 4) - The Certification Officer is given new powers and people are prevented from issuing court proceedings in parallel with an application to the Certification Officer.

Partnerships at Work (Clause 27) - The Government may make money available for training and other activities to develop partnerships at work.

Employment Agencies (Clause 28) - The Bill amends the Employment Agencies Act 1973, particularly in relation to enforcement.