A former legal secretary left in chronic pain after slipping on ice at South Thorne railway station has secured £90,000 in compensation.

Nina Bailey, 37, fractured her left humerus and tore her rotator cuff when she slipped on an icy ramp at the South Yorkshire station. She initially spent a week in hospital, undergoing an operation to repair muscle tears and bone damage, before needing nine months off work to recover. When her injuries failed to heal, Nina underwent another two operations and had a further six months off work.

Due to the chronic pain caused by her injuries, Nina eventually left her job as a legal secretary and took alternative employment that required less use of her left arm and shoulder. Her pain and limited shoulder movement continues to make everyday activities - such as driving and cycling - difficult.

“I’m still in so much pain,” she said. “Doctors have told me that I may need a full shoulder replacement, which would likely leave me unable to work yet again. Even then, there’s no guarantee my condition would improve. My injuries have made everything so much more difficult.”

Nina contacted Thompsons Solicitors to make a personal injury compensation claim.

“Having to give up my career because of an easily preventable accident is so frustrating,” she said. “I’ve found other work but had to come to terms with the thought that I may always be in pain.

“I turned to Thompsons and thankfully they were so supportive. I’m really grateful for everything they did and would recommend them to anyone injured like I was.”

Amanda Dixon, of Thompsons Solicitors, said Nina’s experience highlights the importance of busy public areas being made safe during challenging weather conditions.

“The first priority whenever cold weather is forecast is to ensure that public pathways, especially at busy areas such as train stations, are gritted to avoid ice forming,” she said. “This didn’t happen and Nina suffered the consequences.

“It’s frustrating that failures of the train station operator have caused Nina potentially irreversible injuries.”

"My injuries have made everything so much more difficult.”

Nina Bailey Thompsons' slips, trips and falls client