National law firm Thompsons is appealing for anyone who has developed a skin irritation after buying a new sofa from Argos to get in touch.

At least 350 individuals who have bought Pia or Bari suites from Argos stores nationwide are pursuing personal injury claims after developing a painful skin irritation which appears to have been caused by contact with the sofa.

One claimant, a social worker who bought a leather suite from Argos in May 2007, developed a skin irritation predominantly on her back from the middle of July 2007. The symptoms improved during a holiday in August 2007 but deteriorated again shortly after her return home.

Tests by a consultant dermatologist put the most likely cause as her new sofa.

Many Sofas and Suites have been recalled

Martyn Gwyther of Thompsons Solicitors in Stoke who is pursuing the woman’s claim against Argos says: “I now have several of these claims and whilst it sounds funny, for the sufferer they are no joke. Anyone who has recently purchased Pia or Bari Furniture Suites from Argos should consult their GP if they experience any new skin irritation. Argos has accepted that there are concerns about specific batches of Pia / Bari furniture manufactured in China, to the extent that they have instructed their own toxicologist and have recalled many sofas / suites.”

“There are likely to have been other individuals in the Staffordshire area who have come in to contact with these sofas and may have developed a skin condition. They should seek independent legal advice either through their trade union, if they or a relative are members, or should contact me directly.”