A pensioner whose Christmas treat at luxury health spa Champneys was destroyed after she slipped and fractured her shoulder has received £10,000 in compensation following help from Thompsons Solicitors.

The 62-year-old from Sheffield was just 20 minutes into the weekend break when she slipped on a wet floor in the spa area of Champneys Springs Hydro in Ashby De La Zouche in July 2007.

Her shoulder was broken and she needed surgery to insert a pin to repair it.

The retired university worker was on a weekend break with her daughter, bought for them by their husbands as a Christmas present.

Instead of enjoying two days and a night of luxury the member ended up in hospital, needed surgery and had to take 12 weeks off work. She also needed physiotherapy for four months.

Water left on ceramic tiles by sun loungers

The pair were shown around the spa when they arrived at the resort but were never shown the pool area.

As they headed for the sun loungers the member slipped on water which had collected on the ceramic tiles. She fell heavily on her shoulder and the paramedics were called.

Following the accident she instructed Thompsons Solicitors to pursue a claim for compensation.

Thompsons argued that the spa should have placed slip-proof mats and warnings signs around the sun lounger area and should have ensured it cleaned up any spillages immediately.

The member said: “I had been looking forward to a weekend of relaxing with my daughter and instead I ended up in accident and emergency. I had to endure a painful operation and then months of physiotherapy. What should have been a lovely Christmas treat turned into a complete nightmare.

Nikki Sharpe from Thompsons Solicitors added: “This was an accident waiting to happen. Operators should take all reasonable precautions to prevent accidents.

“It would have been reasonable for there to be mats in place to prevent slips. At the very least there should have been warning signs.”