The driver of the car, Mr Leong, was sentenced in absence for manslaughter by Moroccan courts but has never been extradited.

Elaine and Steve Bee said: “Our son's relaxing holiday in Morocco with his friends ended in disaster when Mr Leong made the decision to drive recklessly. We will never come to terms with losing our son in such a needless way. He had everything to live for and was looking forward to coming home to start his new job.

“We feel outraged at the meaninglessness of the sentence imposed by the Moroccan courts. To us it is unbelievable that Mr Leong has been sentenced for manslaughter in Morocco but can continue to drive freely in the UK. He has no UK criminal record meaning he would have a clean record if he underwent a Criminal Records Bureau check. We call for a consideration of a change in the law so appropriate recognition is given by the DVLA in the UK to convictions made abroad.”

“Life without Dan is a constant struggle for us. We are lucky to have the love and support of our wonderful family around us.”

Allison Fitchett from Thompsons Solicitors which represents the Bee family said: “Today’s inquest has been a long time in coming for Daniel’s family. While they respect the verdict it gives them little comfort. The driver's UK driving licence fails to reflect the guilty manslaughter verdict returned by the Moroccan courts and their worst fear is he will offend again causing further grief and heartache for another innocent family.”