Commenting on the changes to the small claims limit for road traffic accidents coming into force, Gerard Stilliard – head of personal injury strategy at Thompsons Solicitors - said:

“The government has done its very best to sneak these new rules in with as little fanfare as possible.

“Most people will be completely unaware that, from Monday, if they are injured on the roads they face having to deal with a complex online portal relying on a 64-page guide described by the Association of Consumer Support Organisations as ‘legal treacle’.

“On Sunday those injured in a road accident will get a lawyer acting for them to ensure they get fair compensation. Those injured the next day face fighting insurers on their own.

“It’s no surprise that the government is keeping quiet about these changes given that it’s going to lead to delay, unfairness and a denial of justice. And, where there should be a cast iron guarantee that the £1.3bn the insurers are going to save will see lower premiums for motorists - something the government constantly paraded as the big promise as they pushed through these so-called ‘reforms’ - there is silence.

“The only people to gain from these changes will be cold callers and shareholders of insurance companies.”